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Antibodies to haemorrhagic fever viruses in Madagascar populations.

Sera of 381 adult people from 5 areas in Madagascar were tested by the indirect immunofluorescence method for antibodies against Congo-Crimean haemorrhagic fever and Rift Valley fever viruses (Bunyaviridae), Ebola (strains Zaire and Sudan) and Marburg viruses (Filoviridae), and Lassa virus (Arenaviridae). The highest prevalence rate was that of Ebola virus (4.5%). As no haemorrhagic syndrome has been found associated with this virus, the possible presence of a less pathogenic, antigenically related, strain is discussed. The prevalences of Congo-Crimean haemorrhagic fever and Rift Valley viruses were very low, despite previous viral isolations from potential vectors. No serum reacted against Lassa or Marburg antigens. The results are analysed in the light of the geographical and bioecological characteristics of Madagascar, which is a true 'microcontinent' very different from the African mainland.[1]


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