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Disease relevance of Bunyaviridae


High impact information on Bunyaviridae


Chemical compound and disease context of Bunyaviridae


Biological context of Bunyaviridae


Gene context of Bunyaviridae

  • Unlike other Bunyaviridae, which encode both a nucleocapsid protein and a nonstructural (NSs) protein of similar sizes, a NSs protein has not been identified for Hantaan virus [17].
  • A genetic tree comparing the available polymerase proteins of the Bunyaviridae provides insights into the phylogenetic relationships within this large family [18].
  • Low-passage field strains of snowshoe hare (SSH) virus (Bunyaviridae), the prototype SSH virus (originally isolated in Montana), and La Crosse (LAC) virus were compared serologically by plaque-reduction neutralization (PRNT) and molecularly by oligonucleotide fingerprinting (ONF) [19].
  • These results indicate that the California serogroup bunyaviruses share a common receptor on vertebrate cells which may differ from the receptor used by other Bunyaviridae and demonstrate that the G1 glycoprotein is the virus attachment protein. sG1 will be a useful reagent in the search for a putative receptor molecule [20].
  • By analogy to prototype viruses of the family Bunyaviridae, these proteins were designated N, G1, G2, and L respectively [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bunyaviridae


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