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Lassa Virus

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Disease relevance of Lassa Virus


High impact information on Lassa Virus

  • The Lassa virus glycoprotein precursor GP-C is proteolytically processed by subtilase SKI-1/S1P [3].
  • We demonstrated that Lassa Z protein efficiently produces VLPs and uses cellular factors, Vps4A, Vps4B, and Tsg101, in budding, suggesting that Lassa virus budding uses the multivesicular body pathway functionally [6].
  • The degree of IFN sensitivity of a Lassa virus isolate did not correlate with disease severity in human patients [4].
  • Three low-passage Lassa virus strains (AV, NL, and CSF), isolated from humans with mild to fulminant Lassa fever, were tested [4].
  • Lassa virus is an enveloped virus with glycoprotein spikes on its surface [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Lassa Virus


Biological context of Lassa Virus


Anatomical context of Lassa Virus

  • This report shows for the first time that seropositive individuals from areas of endemicity have very strong memory CD4(+) T-cell responses against the NP of Lassa virus, which are partly strain specific and partly cross-reactive with other Lassa virus strains [5].
  • Fractionated RNAs were translated in rabbit reticulocyte lysates, and translation products were precipitated with monoclonal antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein of Lassa virus [17].

Gene context of Lassa Virus

  • Comparison of full-length gene sequences for four Lassa virus strains representing the four lineages showed that the NP gene (up to 23.8% nucleotide difference and 12.0% amino acid difference) is more variable than the glycoprotein genes [18].
  • Lassa virus Z protein is a matrix protein and sufficient for the release of virus-like particles [corrected] [7].
  • However, difficulties have been encountered in using the PRNT for LCM virus, while conflicting views have been expressed about the reliability and efficacy of the test with Lassa virus [11].
  • Lassa virus is the causative agent of a hemorrhagic fever endemic in west Africa. The RNA genome of Lassa virus encodes the glycoprotein precursor GP-C, a nucleoprotein (NP), the viral polymerase L and a small protein Z (11 kDa) [19].
  • Comparison of SKI-1 cleavage efficiency between peptides representing Lassa virus GP2 and CCHF virus Gn cleavage sites suggests that amino acids flanking the RRLL may modulate the efficiency [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lassa Virus


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