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Regulation of the Aspergillus nidulans pectate lyase gene (pelA).

Aspergillus nidulans pectate lyase was purified from culture filtrates. The enzyme catalyzed a random eliminative cleavage reaction, had an apparent molecular weight of 40,000, and a pl of 4. 2. Pectate lyase antisera were produced and used to identify pectate lyase clones in a cDNA expression library. Thirteen of 14 clones identified immunologically cross-hybridized. The identity of the single-copy pectate lyase gene, which we designated pelA, was confirmed in two ways. First, several cDNA clones expressed pectate lyase activity in Escherichia coli. Second, targeted mutation of the gene in A. nidulans resulted in complete loss of enzyme activity. pelA encodes a 1,300-nucleotide mRNA that was present in cells grown with polygalacturonic acid as carbon source but absent from cells grown with glucose or acetate as carbon source. Thus, pectate lyase expression is regulated at the level of mRNA accumulation.[1]


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