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The DAL7 promoter consists of multiple elements that cooperatively mediate regulation of the gene's expression.

Expression of the allantoin system genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is induced by allophanate or its analog, oxalurate. This work provides evidence for the involvement of distinct types of cis-acting elements in the induction process. The first element was found to have the properties of an upstream activation sequence (UAS). This element was localized to a 16-base-pair (bp) DNA fragment containing a short 5-bp sequence that occurred repeatedly in the upstream region of DAL7. When present in two or more copies, the 16-bp fragment supported high-level beta-galactosidase production in a CYC1-lacZ expression vector; there was, however, no response to the allantoin pathway inducer. The second element had the properties of a negatively acting element or upstream repression sequence (URS). This element was localized to a 16-bp DNA fragment containing an 8-bp sequence that was repeated four times in the upstream region of DAL7. A fragment containing the 8-bp repeated sequence placed adjacent to the UAS-containing fragment mediated inhibition of the ability of the UAS to support lacZ expression regardless of whether inducer was present. A third element, designated an upstream induction sequence (UIS), was required for response to inducer. The UIS was localized to a small DNA fragment containing an approximately 10-bp sequence that was repeated twice in the upstream region of DAL7. When a fragment containing the 10-bp repeated sequence was placed adjacent to these UAS and URS elements, the construction (UIS-UAS-URS) supported normal oxalurate-mediated induction of beta-galactosidase synthesis. These data are consistent with the suggestion that multiple, cis-acting elements participate in the induction process.[1]


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