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Ranitidine plus bromazepam in the treatment of duodenal ulcer: effect on gastric acid secretion.

The effect of adding bromazepam to treatment of duodenal ulcer with ranitidine was investigated in 30 out-patients. Under double-blind conditions one group of 15 patients received, for 14 days, 300 mg ranitidine and 6 mg bromazepam in the evening as a single dose. The other group received the same dose of ranitidine together with placebo, also for 14 days. In addition to measurements of gastric acid secretion after fasting and following histamine provocation, psychological ratings (Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale and Zung Self-Assessment Scale for Anxiety) were carried out. Basal acid secretion was the same in both groups. During treatment, maximal acid output was significantly lower in the group of patients taking bromazepam than in those taking placebo. Similarly, significant differences were seen in favour of bromazepam in the psychological tests. It is concluded that these results confirm that bromazepam exerts a significant influence on acidity, over and above the effect of ranitidine. This effect, in all probability, is modulated by the emotional environment of individuals.[1]


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