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Lower fat deposition and energy utilization of growing rats fed diets containing sorbose.

1. Growing rats were fed diets containing graded levels (0, 100, 200 and 300 g/kg diet) of sorbose for 6 weeks. Protein, fat and energy deposition were determined by carcass analysis. 2. The values for growth, serum insulin level, digestible energy (DE), metabolizable energy (ME) and fat and energy deposition declined with the increment of dietary sorbose. 3. The efficiency of protein utilization (protein retained/protein consumed) was hardly affected by dietary sorbose. The DE and ME of sorbose per se was calculated as 14.09 and 12.35 kJ/g respectively. The efficiency of energy utilization (energy retained/ME intake) decreased with the increase of dietary sorbose, although sorbose had an ME. 4. The relative weights of gastro-intestinal tract and liver were positively associated with dietary sorbose level, although the reverse was true for the amount of stomach content, being heavier with higher dietary sorbose. 5. It is suggested that dietary sorbose, as a sweetener as well as a bulky agent, seems to be a suitable sugar for the obese and diabetic with special reference to lower body fat and energy deposition without reducing protein utilization.[1]


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