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Gastrointestinal Contents

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Disease relevance of Gastrointestinal Contents


Psychiatry related information on Gastrointestinal Contents

  • RESULTS: The agent KW5139 induced brief, weak contractions in the graft and had little effect on the dilated bowel; however, octreotide induced motor activity that propelled accumulated intestinal contents into the colon and reduced dilation of the transplanted bowel [6].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Gastrointestinal Contents


Biological context of Gastrointestinal Contents


Anatomical context of Gastrointestinal Contents


Associations of Gastrointestinal Contents with chemical compounds

  • This indicates the intestinal contents as the source of the plasma cholate and shows an equilibrium between intestinal and plasma bile acid even without bile flow [10].
  • Determinations for total and individual bile acids, as well as the bile acid conjugated/unconjugated and glycine/taurine ratios were made on aliquots of upper intestinal contents of symptomatic and asymptomatic patients [27].
  • Sodium taurocholate (100 mumol/hr intraduodenally) partially reversed the changes in pancreatic secretion and intestinal contents' activities of trypsin and chymotrypsin caused by bile diversion [28].
  • We investigated the presence of vitamin B 12 analogues (cobamides) and the bacterial conversion of 57Co-B12 (vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin, [57Co]-CN-Cbl) into cobamides in the intestinal contents of four patients with bacterial overgrowth [29].
  • When ethionine was administered alone, it was metabolized in the intestinal lumen as demonstrated by the analysis of the soluble intestinal contents; the presence of cupric acetate inhibited this process [30].

Gene context of Gastrointestinal Contents

  • Analysis of stomach contents revealed that NHE4-/- mice were hypochlorhydric [31].
  • Our finding that AQP9 is present specifically in goblet cells as mucus-secreting cells suggests its involvement in the synthesis and/or secretion of a certain kind of mucus which may protect the intestinal surface and smooth the flow of intestinal contents [32].
  • We have found that strains containing a mutation in hilA or invG were recovered from the intestinal contents, intestinal tissues, and systemic tissues at a lower frequency than their parental wild-type strain [33].
  • Stomach concentrations of somatostatin, and total stomach contents of somatostatin and gastrin, were similar in insulinoma-bearing and control rats [34].
  • Total intestinal content of iNOS mRNA was also increased by H/R and this increase was partly reduced by treatment with MPG [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gastrointestinal Contents


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