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Thiophosphorylation causes Ca2+-independent norepinephrine secretion from permeabilized PC12 cells.

Adenosine-5'-O-(3-thiotriphosphate) (ATP gamma S) was used to examine the role of phosphorylation in the regulation of norepinephrine secretion by digitonin-permeabilized PC12 cells. While most kinases will use ATP gamma S to thiophosphorylate proteins, thiophosphorylated proteins are relatively resistant to dethiophosphorylation by protein phosphatases. Norepinephrine secretion by permeabilized PC12 cells was ATP- and Ca2+-dependent but resistant to calmodulin antagonists. Half-maximum secretion was obtained in 0.75 microM Ca2+. Permeabilized PC12 cells were incubated with ATP gamma S in the absence of Ca2+, the ATP gamma S was removed, and norepinephrine secretion was determined. Preincubation with ATP gamma S increased the amount of norepinephrine secreted in the absence of Ca2+, but it had no effect on the amount released in the presence of Ca2+. After a 15-min preincubation in 1 mM ATP gamma S, there was almost as much secretion in the absence of Ca2+ as in its presence. Inclusion of ATP in the preincubation inhibited the effect of ATP gamma S. Ca2+ stimulated the rate of modification by ATP gamma S as brief preincubations with ATP gamma S in the presence of Ca2+ resulted in higher levels of Ca2+-independent secretion than did preincubations with ATP gamma S in the absence of Ca2+. Similarly, brief preincubations of permeabilized cells with ATP in the presence of Ca2+ resulted in elevated levels of Ca2+-independent secretion. Secretion of norepinephrine from ATP gamma S-treated cells was ATP-dependent. These results suggest that norepinephrine secretion by PC12 cells is regulated by a Ca2+-dependent phosphorylation. Once this phosphorylation has occurred, secretion is still ATP-dependent, but it no longer requires Ca2+.[1]


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