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Evaluation of a three-stage management program for Menière's disease.

A three-stage program for management of Menière's disease, consisting of diuretics, endolymphatic sac surgery, and intratympanal installations of gentamicin was tested in a peripheral county without neurosurgical facilities during 1981-1985. All 106 patients in the program were admitted at least once to the only ENT department of the area. The authors believe that these cases represented the most serious part of a total incidence estimated to be about 6.5 times higher than what the present material represent. When evaluated at the end of the period according to the AAOO 1972 classification , only 12 patients turned out to be suffering from vertigo. However, among other factors, the possible placebo effect on a population whose Meinère-related problems were for the first time focused upon and treated must be kept in mind.[1]


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