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Endolymphatic Sac

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  • The levels of AQP2 mRNA in the cochlea and endolymphatic sac were significantly higher in rats treated with vasopressin than the levels in control animals [24].
  • The exact contribution of the entire endolymphatic sac system to lactate buffering could not be determined in the present study [25].
  • The combined effects of glycerol and colchicine on the endolymphatic sac were investigated in mice [26].
  • Quantitative analysis of physiologic measurements from the endolymphatic sac requires knowledge of the anatomy of the structure, specifically the luminal volume and the variation of cross-sectional area with distance along the sac [27].
  • Within 15 min after administration of glycerol and urea the lumen of the endolymphatic sac was partially collapsed and the density of its contents was increased [28].

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