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Megakaryocyte and hepatocyte origins of human fibrinogen biosynthesis exhibit hepatocyte-specific expression of gamma chain-variant polypeptides.

The gamma chain of human fibrinogen is heterogeneous in length at the C-terminus due to differential RNA processing of the gamma chain-gene primary transcript. We have produced two specific monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) against the gamma-chain epitopes generated by this alternative processing event: anti-gamma 57.5(408-416) (L2B), which reacts with gamma 57.5 and gamma 55 chains, and anti-gamma 50(337-411) (H9B7), which reacts preferentially with gamma 50 chains. Using these MoAbs we have studied the expression of gamma-chain polypeptides by immunofluorescence microscopy in the tissues of fibrinogen biosynthesis and have determined that gamma 57.5 polypeptide is expressed in hepatocytes but is absent or present in significantly reduced amounts in megakaryocytes. Therefore the gamma 50 chain is found in plasma, platelet, and megakaryocyte fibrinogens, but the gamma 57.5 chain is found only in plasma fibrinogen. The C-terminal amino acid sequence of gamma 55 includes the L2B epitope 57.5(408-416). Using MoAb L2B we have determined that gamma 55, which is a post-translationally modified gamma 57.5 chain, is found only in plasma fibrinogen and is absent or present in markedly reduced amounts in platelet or megakaryocyte fibrinogen. In addition, the conformation of the L2B epitope is preserved in gamma 55, as determined by Western blot analysis. The hepatocyte-specific expression of the gamma 57.5-chain polypeptide and the post-translational modification to gamma 55 result in a compartmentalization of gamma-chain polypeptide expression. This is suggestive of different mechanisms regulating human fibrinogen gamma-chain gene expression in hepatocytes v megakaryocytes that may operate in a tissue-specific manner at the level of 3' RNA processing events.[1]


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