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Effect of amorolfine (Ro 14-4767/002) on in vitro phagocytosis and intracellular killing of Candida albicans by human neutrophils.

The effect of amorolfine (Ro 14-4767/002) on phagocytosis and intracellular killing of Candida albicans blastospores was determined in human neutrophil monolayer assays. At 0.2, 2 and 5 micrograms/ml amorolfine did not have any significant inhibitory or enhancing effect on phagocytosis whether following simultaneous addition of blastospores and drug to the neutrophils, prior treatment of neutrophils for 2 h before addition of blastospores or prior treatment of blastospores for 2 h. Simultaneous addition of amorolfine resulted in a significant increase in killing at all concentrations. This increase was not significantly enhanced by either preincubation of neutrophils or blastospores for 2 h with the drug.[1]


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