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Chorionic villi sampling for early prenatal diagnosis: an option for the Jewish orthodox community.

The Jewish religion permits abortion up to 40 days after conception. To accommodate the Jewish orthodox community, prenatal diagnosis in the eighth gestational week may be a feasible goal with clear benefits. We present our experience with chorionic villus sampling (CVS), wherein out of 144 patients requesting CVS, 125 were found to be suitable for the procedure. Excluding patients with fundal placenta and cervical or uterine myoma, chorionic sampling was successfully performed on 102 out of 106 patients (96.2%) and a chromosome result was available for 98 of those patients (96%). Fetal losses, within 14 days following procedure, were 2 out of 125 (1.6%). No complications were encountered following the procedure. The cytogenetic analysis was improved by culturing CVS fragments for 48 h, after which clearer banding patterns could be observed. One of the CVS preparations, from a 7.2/7-week-old embryo was successfully examined. Short-term (6 days) cultures were used as an additional method for chromosome analysis, to extend and confirm results obtained by the direct method.[1]


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