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New dimeric inhibitor of heterologous alpha-amylases encoded by a duplicated gene in the short arm of chromosome 3B of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).

A new wheat dimeric alpha-amylase inhibitor, designated WDAI-3, has been characterized. WDAI-3 is a homodimeric protein active against alpha-amylase from human saliva and from the insect Tenebrio molitor, but inactive against that from pig pancreas or against trypsin. Its N-terminal amino acid sequence is closer to those of the wheat dimeric inhibitors 0.19 and 0.53 (89-91% identical positions in 44 residues) than to that of the monomeric 0.28 inhibitor (69% identical positions). Iha-B1-2, the gene encoding the new inhibitor, is located in the short arm of chromosome 3B, where it is part of an intrachromosomal gene duplication that also codes for the 0.53 inhibitor.[1]


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