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Surgical treatment of septic pedal osteitis in horses: nine cases (1980-1987).

Over an 8-year period, 9 horses with septic pedal osteitis were admitted to the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine. Septic pedal osteitis was defined by the presence of purulent exudate combined with radiographic evidence of lysis of the distal phalanx. The condition described involved only the distal phalanx, the laminae and hoofwall, and the soft tissues of the sole. Treatment included curettage and removal of the affected portion of the distal phalanx through a ventral approach to the foot, combined with systemic administration of antibodies. Of the 9 horses, 7 returned to soundness and original function within 12 weeks after surgery. During the early postoperative period, 2 horses died from causes unrelated to the surgery or to septic pedal osteitis.[1]


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