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Activation of teratocarcinoma-derived hemoglobin genes in teratocarcinoma-Friend cell hybrids.

Hybrid cells formed by the fusion of murine teratocarcinoma and Friend erythroleukemia cells synthesize hemoglobin in the presence of chemical inducers such as dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). By making use of the fact that the parental teratocarcinoma and Friend cells carried different alleles at the locus coding for the alpha chain of hemoglobin, it was possible to demonstrate that the teratocarcinoma-derived genes for the globin alpha chains are genetically active in hemoglobin-synthesizing hybrid cells. In addition, evidence is presented suggesting that the teratocarcinoma-derived genes for the beta-globin chains may also be expressed in the hybrids. Apparently the teratocarcinoma-derived genome has become reprogrammed to express erythroid functions following fusion of the teratocarcinoma cell to the Friend cell.[1]


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