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The MAK11 protein is essential for cell growth and replication of M double-stranded RNA and is apparently a membrane-associated protein.

MAK11 is a gene necessary for the maintenance of killer M1 double-stranded RNA, but not for other cellular double-stranded RNAs (L-A, L-BC, T, W). The DNA sequence of this gene revealed a 1407-base pair open reading frame, which corresponds to a 54-kDa protein. The C-terminal region is lysine-rich and is necessary for mak11-complementing activity. The N-terminal 24 amino acids of the open reading frame include 16 hydrophobic amino acids, 4 basic residues, and 4 neutral amino acids; this sequence could span a membrane. We constructed a MAK11-lacZ fusion that includes the entire MAK11 protein and complements the mak11-1 mutation. The fusion protein was localized in a membrane fraction as shown by centrifugation in Percoll gradients. The fusion protein could be released from the membrane fraction by salt washing. Western blotting of protein, isolated from the membrane fraction and purified by p-aminophenyl-beta-D-thiogalactoside-agarose column chromatography, revealed a fusion protein monomer of 170 kDa which agrees with the predicted molecular weight. While the mak11-1 mutation results in specific loss of M1 double-stranded RNA without any apparent growth defect, replacing a 792-base pair internal EcoRV fragment of MAK11 with the URA3 gene (gene disruption) resulted in a lethal mutation.[1]


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