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Distribution of the antibody to influenza C virus in dogs and pigs in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.

The distribution of the antibody to influenza C virus in the dogs and pigs in Yamagata prefecture, Japan was investigated by using three different serological methods: hemagglutination-inhibition (HI), radioimmunoprecipitation (RIP), and immunoblotting. The antibody against influenza C virus glycoprotein (gp88) was detected in 5 out of 112 sera collected from mongrel dogs, three by RIP test and two by any of the three methods, suggesting that the virus can cause natural infection in dogs. Significant levels of HI activity were found in 58 out of 269 sera collected from domestic pigs, but none of them showed positive reaction in the more sensitive method, RIP, which suggests that the inhibitors against the hemagglutination by influenza C virus rather than the antibody to gp88 are responsible for the observed HI activity. It appears, therefore, that at least in the Yamagata area, pigs do not play significant roles in the spread of influenza C virus in humans.[1]


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