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Sodium bicarbonate for early lactation cows fed corn silage or hay crop silage-based diets.

To compare the effects of NaHCO3 in diets based on different forage sources, 16 Holstein cows, in a split-plot design, were assigned at 2 d postpartum to a total mixed diet of either 30% hay crop silage: 70% concentrate or 40% corn silage: 60% concentrate (dry basis) that contained 0 or 1.25% NaHCO3. Over the first 6 wk postpartum, NaHCO3 increased milk fat percentage in cows fed the corn silage-based diet. During wk 2 through 6 postpartum, NaHCO3 increased milk yield with the hay crop silage-based diet and tended to decrease milk yield with the corn silage-based diet. Sodium bicarbonate increased digestion of NDF with both forages and increased excretion of urinary nitrogen with the corn silage-based diet. Responses to NaHCO3 by cows in early lactation may depend on the nature of the dietary forage component.[1]


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