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Harvey sarcoma virus genome contains no extensive sequences unrelated to those of other retroviruses except ras.

The Harvey murine sarcoma virus genome contains two rat-derived sets of genetic information recombined with the Moloney mouse leukemia virus. The rat sequences represent a ras oncogene and a rat VL30 element. The VL30 sequences have several discrete regions of similarity with retroviral sequences which were detected by searching a protein database for similarities with predicted polypeptide sequences from the VL30 regions. On the 5' side, the most similar sequences were those of feline sarcoma viruses; on the 3' side, murine leukemia viruses were the most similar. Some of the regions of similarity could also be detected directly by searching a nucleic acid sequence database with the viral DNA sequences. The most extensive region of similarity was that which corresponded to the endonuclease in the pol gene of a murine leukemia virus. The majority of the rat-derived sequences present in the Harvey sarcoma virus genome can now be attributed exclusively to ras or retrovirus- or retrotransposon-related sequences.[1]


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