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Harvey murine sarcoma virus

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Disease relevance of Harvey murine sarcoma virus


High impact information on Harvey murine sarcoma virus


Chemical compound and disease context of Harvey murine sarcoma virus


Biological context of Harvey murine sarcoma virus

  • Transfection of normal human bronchial epithelial (NHBE) cells with a plasmid carrying the ras oncogene of Harvey murine sarcoma virus (v-Ha ras) changed the growth requirements, terminal differentiation, and tumorigenicity of the recipient cells [14].
  • This nucleotide binding property and other previously reported characteristics were similar to properties ascribed to the Harvey sarcoma virus src gene product. p20 also appeared similar to this src gene product when immunoprecipitates of both proteins were directly compared by one- and two-dimensional NaDodSO4 gel electrophoreses [3].
  • The transcriptional promoter of the Harvey sarcoma virus long terminal repeat has been used to construct a biologically active dihydrofolate reductase chimera [15].
  • By comparing these sequences with the Harvey murine sarcoma virus ras gene, we predict that the p21 protein encoded by the Harvey virus differs from the cellular c-rasH-1-encoded p21 at only two amino acids; those at positions 12 and 59 [16].
  • The majority of the rat-derived sequences present in the Harvey sarcoma virus genome can now be attributed exclusively to ras or retrovirus- or retrotransposon-related sequences [17].

Anatomical context of Harvey murine sarcoma virus


Gene context of Harvey murine sarcoma virus


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