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Anti-Rous sarcoma response of major histocompatibility (B) complex haplotypes B23, B24 and B30.

Responses to Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) induced tumours were studied in UNH 105, a non-inbred line of New Hampshire chickens. Six single male matings encompassing a total of 50 dams produced 345 progeny which segregated for B complex genotypes B23/B23, B23/B24, B23/B30, B24/B24, B24/B30 and B30/B30. Six-week-old chicks were wingweb inoculated with a pseudotype of Bryan high titre Rous sarcoma virus, BH RSV (RAV-1). Tumours were scored for size six times over a 10-week period post-inoculation. Each chick was assigned a tumour profile index (TPI) as an indicator of immunological response. The number of days to death (DTD) was recorded for 148 chicks with terminal tumours. Genotypes B23/B23, B23/B24 and B23/B30, with TPIs of 1.8, 1.7 and 2.0 respectively, did not differ significantly from each other, suggesting dominance of response of B23 over B24 and B30 haplotypes. B24/B30 chicks with the highest TPI (3.4) and shortest DTD (34.6) were significantly different from B30/B30 (2.8; 41.6) but not from B24/B24 ( 3.1; 34.9) suggesting dominance of response of the B24 haplotype over B30 in the absence of B23.[1]


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