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Chemical Compound Review

Diglycin     2-(carboxymethylamino)ethanoic acid

Synonyms: Hampshire, Diglycocoll, Diglykokoll, IMDA, Iminodiacetate, ...
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Disease relevance of Diglycine

  • Patients less than 75 years old who had breast cancer were identified from statewide tumor registries in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Controls were randomly selected from lists of licensed drivers if the case subjects were less than 65 years old, and from lists of Medicare beneficiaries if they were 65 through 74 years old [1].
  • We reviewed 1808 hospital charts representing virtually all patients given a diagnosis of non-small-cell lung cancer in New Hampshire and Vermont between 1973 and 1976 and found that the treatment of patients varied according to their marital status, medical insurance coverage, and proximity to a cancer-treatment center [2].
  • The study patients in New Hampshire (n = 411) and a matched comparison cohort in New Jersey (n = 1375) were Medicaid recipients 60 years of age or older who in a base-line year had been taking three or more medications per month, including at least one maintenance drug for certain chronic diseases [3].
  • Acceptable definitions of cholecystitis included surgery, pathologic examination, hepatic iminodiacetic acid scan or right upper quadrant ultrasound, or clinical course consistent with acute cholecystitis and no evidence for an alternate diagnosis [4].
  • Hereditary muscular dystrophy in chickens of the New Hampshire strain was treated with penicillamine from the 9th day after hatching to the 425th day [5].

Psychiatry related information on Diglycine


High impact information on Diglycine

  • Unlike other ubiquitin binding domains, this domain contains a deep binding pocket where the C-terminal diglycine motif of ubiquitin is inserted, thus explaining the specificity of IsoT for an unmodified C terminus on the proximal subunit of polyubiquitin [11].
  • The ubiquitin binding domain ZnF UBP recognizes the C-terminal diglycine motif of unanchored ubiquitin [11].
  • A high proportion of purebred Hampshire pigs carries the dominant RN- mutation, which causes high glycogen content in skeletal muscle [12].
  • Significantly, the site of USP1 cleavage is immediately after a conserved internal ubiquitin-like diglycine (Gly-Gly) motif [13].
  • METHODS: In a case-control study we compared use of over-the-counter analgesics by 563 women from eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire, USA, who had epithelial ovarian cancer with 523 women from the general population [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Diglycine


Biological context of Diglycine

  • The gene for variant late-infantile NCL (vLINCL), CLN6, was previously mapped to chromosome 15q21-23 and is predicted to be orthologous to the genes underlying NCL in nclf mice and in South Hampshire and Merino sheep [20].
  • TFA was added experimentally to an upland, northern hardwood forest and to a small forest wetland ecosystem within the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire. Inputs of TFA were not transported conservatively through these ecosystems; instead, significant amounts of TFA were retained within the vegetation and soil compartments [21].
  • We observed chloride concentrations of up to 25% of the concentration of seawater in streams of Maryland, New York, and New Hampshire during winters, and chloride concentrations remaining up to 100 times greater than unimpacted forest streams during summers [22].
  • We genotyped the CAG microsatellite and six haplotype-tagging single nucleotide polymorphisms (rs962458, rs6152, rs1204038, rs2361634, rs1337080, rs1337082) of the androgen receptor gene in 987 ovarian cancer cases and 1,034 controls from a study conducted in New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts between May 1992 and July 2003 [23].
  • In order to isolate the binding protein, plasma was fractionated first on a column of immobilized iminodiacetic acid that had been equilibrated with copper ions [24].

Anatomical context of Diglycine


Associations of Diglycine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Diglycine

  • Bacterially expressed NEDP1 is capable of processing NEDD8 in vitro to expose the diglycine motif required for conjugation and can deconjugate NEDD8 from modified substrates [35].
  • Linkage analysis established that CLN6 is the gene most likely to cause NCL in affected South Hampshire sheep, which do not have the c.184C>T mutation but show reduced expression of CLN6 mRNA in a range of tissues as determined by real-time PCR [36].
  • Analysis of the same breeds at SNP C588T (HYAL3) indicates significant differences between Hampshire and Jiangquhai respectively Rongchang, but not between Jiangquhai and Rongchang [37].
  • Protease inhibitors: synthesis of bacterial collagenase and matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors incorporating succinyl hydroxamate and iminodiacetic acid hydroxamate moieties [38].
  • For example, there were no significant differences in allele frequencies between pigs representing breeds Hampshire and Jiangquhai at SNP C633T (HYAL1), but between Hampshire respectively Jiangquhai animals and Rongchang pigs [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Diglycine


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