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Electrophysiological interactions between haloperidol and reduced haloperidol, and dopamine, norepinephrine and phencyclidine in rat brain.

Haloperidol and its metabolite, reduced haloperidol, were compared as antagonists of catecholaminergic neurotransmission in central nervous system of the rat. Agonists and antagonists were applied from multibarrelled micropipettes, which were also used to record extracellularly the effects of these substances on neuronal discharge. Haloperidol antagonized dopaminergic inhibition of caudate neurons and inhibition of cerebellar Purkinje neurons induced by noradrenaline, whereas reduced haloperidol was an ineffective antagonist. Phencyclidine, which is an indirect dopaminergic agonist in the caudate, caused inhibition of the discharges of caudate neurons resembling that induced by dopamine itself. These indirect effects of phencyclidine were also antagonized by haloperidol but not by reduced haloperidol. The data suggest that the metabolite, reduced haloperidol, is not an effective neuroleptic drug in the central nervous system.[1]


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