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Formation of methylthio metabolites of indene in the guinea pig and the rat.

The formation of methylthio metabolites of epoxides has been shown to be a significant route of metabolism in some species. Several aspects of this metabolic conversion for indene were examined. Two isomers of hydroxy(methylthio)indane were found in the urine of guinea pigs administered indene (14.3 and 100 mg/kg, ip). The major isomer, 2-hydroxy-1-methylthioindane (I) was present as 6-9% of the administered dose after 24 hr, while lower amounts (0-0.6%) of a minor isomer (II) were observed. A significant amount of isomer I was found as a urinary metabolite of indene oxide (14% of 12.5 mg/kg, ip). To further elucidate the route of formation of I, the glutathione (I-GLU) and mercapturic acid (I-MER) conjugates of indene oxide were synthesized and administered to the guinea pig. The methylthio metabolite I was present as a significant urinary metabolite of both conjugates of indene oxide, comprising 9.6% and 5.7% of the dose of I-GLU (5 mg, ip) and I-MER (4 mg, ip), respectively. These results show that the formation of a hydroxy(methylthio)indane is a significant route of metabolism for indene and indene oxide in the guinea pig, and that this metabolite arises via further metabolism of conjugates in the glutathione pathway. In the rat, isomer I is a minor metabolite. Mechanistic aspects of the formation of these thioether metabolites are discussed.[1]


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