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Chemical Compound Review

Tanderil     4-butyl-1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)- 2-phenyl...

Synonyms: Aradinum, Butanora, Butanova, Butilene, Crovaril, ...
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Disease relevance of oxyphenbutazone


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Gene context of oxyphenbutazone

  • CONCLUSION: Optimal sensitivity for HNE ANCA requires multimodality testing [34].
  • Cyclosporine A was a potent competitive inhibitor of CQA metabolism, providing initial evidence that formation of metabolite I was catalyzed by proteins of the CYP3 gene family [35].
  • STUDY DESIGN: Optimal folding of the chemokine molecule is thought to be important for its biologic activity [36].
  • In competition binding studies, various CTs and their analogues demonstrated a similar rank order of potency to that seen in other CT receptor systems, Optimal binding occurred in the pH range 6.5-7.5, and was decreased in the presence of NaCl concentrations greater than 200 mM [37].
  • Frontline: Optimal T cell activation requires the engagement of CD6 and CD166 [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of oxyphenbutazone


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