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Large inverted duplications are associated with gene amplification.

Amplified DNA can be found in arrays of large repeated units, with each repeat unit containing a marker gene and surrounding DNA sequences. Amplified DNA sequences from established cell lines were assessed for the presence of repeat units in the form of inverted duplications. Inverted duplicated DNA was detected by virtue of its concentration-independent resistance to S1 hydrolysis after denaturation and rapid renaturation. Using this assay, inverted duplications were detected in amplified DNA (both DM and HSR configurations) containing the myc gene (16-50 copies/cell) in four human tumor cell lines and in amplified DNA containing the CAD gene (30-200 copies/cell) in three PALA-resistant BHK cell lines. The widespread association of inverted duplications with amplified DNA must bear on the amplification mechanism.[1]


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