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Association of Bordetella pertussis-induced hypersensitivity to serotonin with the H-2 gene complex.

Susceptibility to Bordetella pertussis-induced sensitivity to serotonin was found to be associated with the H-2 gene complex in mice. H-2 congenic and independent strains which possess the H-2b and H-2s haplotypes were susceptible to serotonin sensitization by pertussigen (P-HSF) while mice with the H-2k and H-2d haplotypes were resistant. The gene or genes which control susceptibility were found to map to the H-2SbDb end of the H-2 complex; susceptibility appears to be inherited as a co-dominant trait. These findings indicate that HLA typing may be of value in predicting or interpreting possible adverse reactions to pertussis vaccine or infection in humans.[1]


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