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Histocompatibility Testing

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Disease relevance of Histocompatibility Testing


Psychiatry related information on Histocompatibility Testing


High impact information on Histocompatibility Testing

  • Thus, precisely targeted immunotherapy directed against antigen MZ2-E could be provided to individuals identified by HLA typing and analysis of the RNA of a small tumor sample [7].
  • Glutamate decarboxylase-, insulin-, and islet cell-antibodies and HLA typing to detect diabetes in a general population-based study of Swedish children [8].
  • HLA typing showed HLA-DR3 in 61% of patients (controls 22%, Pc less than 0.005) and the combination of DR3, DR4 in 43% (controls 3%, Pc less than 0.00001) [9].
  • Only 4 patients had the typical HLA typing of celiac disease [10].
  • Antibodies to gluten, folic acid serum concentrations, were measured, and HLA typing was done in most patients [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Histocompatibility Testing


Biological context of Histocompatibility Testing


Anatomical context of Histocompatibility Testing


Associations of Histocompatibility Testing with chemical compounds

  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: After induction therapy that randomized patients to receive one of two anthracycline-containing regimens, either daunorubicin (DNR) or zorubicin (ZRB), patients were assigned to postremission treatment according to age and results of HLA typing [24].
  • Another sister and her daughter had different HLA typing and had no detectable abnormalities of cortisol secretion [25].
  • We describe a 19-year-old woman with typical MG and heterozygous C2 deficiency, along with HLA typing of the patient and her immediate family [26].
  • HLA typing was carried out by the PCR-RFLP method, which allowed discrimination of most HLA DQA1, DQB1, DPB1, and DRB alleles [27].
  • Determination of intracellular adenosine triphosphate for detecting anti-HLA antibody-mediated cytolysis. Introduction to a new method for HLA typing [28].

Gene context of Histocompatibility Testing

  • Fifty-three patients with SCA underwent complete HLA typing at both HLA class I (HLA-A, B) and HLA class II (HLA-DR, DQ, DP) loci [29].
  • Comparison of the results of HLA typing between the SCA patients with a positive and those with a negative MRI documented that the 2 groups differed with respect to the class I HLA-B (P =.012), and the class II HLA-DRB1 (P =.0008) and DQB1 (P =.029) [29].
  • The genomic HLA typing, performed on the DRB1 and DRB5 genes in the DR2+ subjects, showed no obvious correspondence between preferential responses to regions of MBP and HLA-DR2 subtypes [30].
  • DNA-based HLA typing for DRB1, DQB1, and DPB1 was performed on 16 consistently RF--patients with erosive RA [31].
  • Thus, the PCR-RFLP method is technically simple, practical and inexpensive for determination of the HLA-DRB1 alleles for routine HLA typing work [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Histocompatibility Testing


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