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Chromosomal location of the genes encoding complement components C5 and factor H in the mouse.

Complementary DNA probes corresponding to the factor H and C5 polypeptides have been used to determine the chromosomal localizations of these two complement components. Both probes revealed complex and polymorphic arrays of DNA fragments in Southern blot analysis of mouse genomic DNA. Following the distribution of these bands in panels of somatic cell hybrids carrying various combinations of mouse chromosomes on a constant rat or Chinese hamster background allowed the localization of the C5- associated fragments to proximal chromosome 2 and the localization of the factor H- associated fragments to chromosome 1 or chromosome 3. Following the inheritance of DNA restriction fragment-length polymorphisms revealed by the probes in recombinant inbred mouse strains allowed the factor H-associated fragments to be mapped to Sas-1 on chromosome 1, and the C5-associated fragments to be mapped to Hc. Analysis of three-point crosses, in turn, placed the latter locus 19 cM distal to Sd on chromosome 2. We have designated the two loci Cfh and C5, respectively. This genetic analysis raises the possibility that C5 and factor H are both encoded by complex loci composed of distinct structural and regulatory genes.[1]


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