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Is neurotransmitter histamine predominantly inactivated in astrocytes?

Rat synaptosomes and astroglia cell-enriched fraction were tested for the uptake of histamine (HA) and its precursor histidine, and the activities of the HA-synthesizing enzyme, histidine decarboxylase ( HD) and HA-metabolizing enzyme, histamine methyltransferase ( HMT). While histidine uptake was more active into synaptosomes than into astrocytes, only astrocytes were capable of a significant HA uptake. Kinetic analysis of the astrocytic HA uptake revealed a high affinity-low capacity system (Km = 5 X 10(-7) M, Vmax = 1.6 X 10(-12) mol.min-1 X mg-1) similar to the astroglial transport systems for other neurotransmitters. HMT was 70% more active in astrocytes than in synaptosomes, whereas HD activity was not different in these two preparations. The results indicate that astrocytes could be the major site of neurotransmitter HA inactivation.[1]


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