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Isoproterenol stimulates aqueous flow in humans with Horner's syndrome.

Topical 1 percent isoproterenol in the presence of the phosphodiesterase inhibitor theophylline was tested for its ability to stimulate the rate of aqueous humor flow through the anterior chamber of the normal and the partially adrenergically denervated human eye (Horner's syndrome). Both the affected eye and the unaffected eye were observed to have lower flows at night than during the day. Isoproterenol had no significant effect on flow during the day in normal eyes or in Horner's syndrome, but during sleep this beta-adrenergic agonist increased flow in the normal eye by 34% and in the Horner's eye by 50%. We interpret the results as indicating that beta-adrenergic activity in the human eye can stimulate aqueous formation under some conditions. However, the observed stimulation could have been due to something other than increased beta-adrenergic activity in the ciliary epithelium.[1]


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