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Anterior Chamber

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Disease relevance of Anterior Chamber


High impact information on Anterior Chamber

  • Rieger syndrome (RIEG) is an autosomal-dominant human disorder that includes anomalies of the anterior chamber of the eye, dental hypoplasia and a protuberant umbilicus [6].
  • Inflammatory cells entering the anterior chamber of the eye in response to viral infection underwent apoptosis that was dependent on Fas (CD95)-Fas ligand (FasL) and produced no tissue damage [7].
  • Systemic immune unresponsiveness induced in adult mice by anterior chamber presentation of minor histocompatibility antigens [8].
  • In addition, by 6 months none of the flubendazole subjects had intracorneal microfilariae, and only one had microfilariae in the anterior chamber, whereas the numbers of intraocular microfilariae in the DEC group had returned to pretreatment levels [9].
  • Here we describe the identification of novel mutations in the FOXC1 gene in patients with anterior-chamber defects of the eye [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Anterior Chamber


Biological context of Anterior Chamber


Anatomical context of Anterior Chamber


Associations of Anterior Chamber with chemical compounds

  • Thus, a new role for the high ascorbate level present in the anterior chamber fluid and the lens has been suggested [25].
  • Medial amygdaloid tissue, taken from female rats immediately after birth, was transplanted into the anterior chamber of the eye in adult ovariectomized host rats in order to elucidate the influence of estrogen on synapse formation without contribution of neural afferents [26].
  • Administration of nerve growth factor (NGF) into the anterior chamber substantially increased both SP and TH activity in the iris and also increased CAT activity to a lesser extent [27].
  • Abnormalities were found in 14 (fluorescein leakage in 10, perivenous sheathing in 6, cells in the vitreous in 6 and in the anterior chamber in 4; in 2 the cells in the media were seen without vascular changes) [28].
  • These experiments reveal that voltage- and Na+ -dependent transport by S427L-hkNBCe1 is unfavorably altered, thereby causing both insufficient HCO3- absorption by the kidney (proximal RTA) and inappropriate anterior chamber fluid transport (glaucoma) [29].

Gene context of Anterior Chamber


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Anterior Chamber


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