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Sulphasalazine and PhCL28A inhibit the formation of ethanol- and phenylbutazone-induced rat gastric ulcers: lack of involvement of endogenous prostaglandins?

1. The effects of sulphasalazine (SZP) and PhCL28A on macroscopic lesion formation and ex vivo prostaglandin inactivation were studied in the ethanol (ETOH) and phenylbutazone (PBT) models of gastric ulcers in the rat. Prostaglandin 'synthesis' during homogenisation of the stomachs was also studied in the latter model. 2. Both PhCL28A and SZP when injected i.p. prevented the formation of ETOH- and PBT-induced gastric ulcers with ED50 values of 13 and 41 mgkg-1 (vs ETOH) and 3 and 32 mgkg-1 (vs PBT) for PhCL28A and SZP respectively. However, neither compound was active orally in the dose ranges used (up to 30 mg kg-1 for PhCL28A and 100 mg kg-1 for SZP). 3. Irrespective of the route of administration, SZP (100 mg kg-1) and PhCL28A (30 mg kg-1) produced slight but statistically significant decreases in ex vivo prostaglandin inactivation by 100,000 g cytosolic supernatants prepared from stomachs not receiving ulcerogen. When tested in vitro, PhCL28A (IC50 = 230 nM) was approximatively 480 times mor potent than SZP (IC50 = 110 microM) against rat stomach cytosolic prostaglandin inactivation. 4. Both ETOH (50%, 5 ml kg-1, orally) and PBT (200 mg kg-1, orally) significantly decreased ex vivo gastric cytosolic prostaglandin inactivation. PhCL28A (30 mg kg-1, orally or i.p.) decreased prostaglandin inactivation still further after ulcerogen treatment except when given i.p. before ETOH treatment. SZP (100 mg kg-1) had a similar effect when given orally before PBT treatment.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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