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Microinjection of synthetic Xhox-1A homeobox mRNA disrupts somite formation in developing Xenopus embryos.

The structural similarity between Drosophila and vertebrate homeobox genes begs the question of whether the vertebrate gene products affect cell fate and pattern formation. To study the function of the Xenopus homeobox protein, Xhox-1A, we microinjected fertilized Xenopus eggs with an excess of synthetic Xhox-RNA and assayed for effects on development. The predominant phenotype is a disturbance in somite formation. When embryos are injected with Xhox-1A mRNA, but not with control mRNAs, morphogenesis of somites occurs chaotically and individual segments are lost. Histological staining, in situ hybridization, and immunohistochemistry indicate that the disorganized somitic tissue has differentiated into muscle cells. Overall, these results suggest that correct regulation of the Xhox-1A gene may be important for the normal development of the segmented somite pattern in early embryos. Moreover, the inferred role of Xhox-1A in somite formation indicates that there may be molecular parallels between mechanisms of segmentation in flies and vertebrates.[1]


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