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The effects of sodium valproate on plasma somatostatin and insulin in humans.

To determine the role of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in islet tissue, sodium valproate (1600 mg/day) was administered for 6 days to 10 normal subjects and 1 patient with a somatostatinoma. Plasma valproate concentrations reached a steady state by the third day accompanied by elevation of plasma GABA concentrations. Sodium valproate administration resulted in a 40% decrease in plasma somatostatin concentrations in the normal subjects and a 63% decrease in the somatostatinoma patient, respectively, compared to the response to placebo. Plasma C-peptide concentrations did not change in any subject. Fasting blood glucose levels decreased in the somatostatinoma patient during sodium valproate administration. These results suggest that endogenous GABA may play some role in the release of somatostatin, but not in the release of insulin.[1]


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