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Disease relevance of Somatostatinoma


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Gene context of Somatostatinoma

  • In somatostatinoma, a rare malignant somatostatin (SST)-secreting neoplasia, tumour regression is rarely observed, implying the need for novel antiproliferative strategies [20].
  • Pancreatic insulinomas had an heterogeneous SSTR expression, while 100% of somatostatinomas expressed SSTR5 and 100% gastrinomas and glucagonomas expressed SSTR2 [21].
  • One intestinal somatostatinoma contained gastrin cells as a minority cell population [22].
  • All of the tumors showed immunocytochemical evidence of somatostatinomas, and only one VRNF-associated tumor showed immunoreactivity for an additional regulatory substance, as opposed to three of those not associated with VRNF [2].
  • Twenty pancreatic endocrine tumors and one duodenal somatostatinoma were stained with polyclonal antisera against eight hormones, neuron-specific (NSE), and with a monoclonal antibody against the endocrine granule protein chromogranin [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Somatostatinoma


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