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Surgical repair of hip fractures using continuous spinal anesthesia: comparison of hypobaric solutions of tetracaine and bupivacaine.

The aim of this study was to compare hypobaric solutions of tetracaine and bupivacaine in 30 geriatric patients undergoing surgical repair of hip fractures while under continuous spinal anesthesia. Tetracaine 1% and bupivacaine 0.5% were mixed with distilled water to prepare hypobaric 0.25% solutions. In a double-blind fashion, all patients received 3 ml (7.5 mg) of either solution in the lateral decubitus position with the operated side up, the table being kept horizontal for 30 minutes after injection. The mean highest sensory levels in both groups, and in both operated and non-operated sides in the same group, were comparable, ranging between T7 and T8. 5. Duration of analgesia was 134 minutes with tetracaine and 130 minutes with bupivacaine (NS). In both groups, motor blockade was satisfactory in 29/30 patients on the operated side. The frequency of a decrease in systolic blood pressure of more than 30% was similar in the two groups. The authors conclude that hypobaric solutions of both tetracaine and bupivacaine are suitable for surgical repair of hip fractures in geriatric patients and produce comparable anesthetic and hemodynamic effects.[1]


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