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GABA and serotonin (5-HT) pattern in the supraependymal fibers of the rat epithalamus: combined radioautographic and immunocytochemical studies. Effect of 5-HT content on [3H]GABA accumulation.

Numerous studies have suggested the serotoninergic nature of the supraependymal plexuses; moreover, several supraependymal fibers are also able to take up [3H]GABA and could be GABA-containing fibers. In this approach, by combined immunocytochemistry and radioautography, we analyzed and compared the distribution of endogenous and exogenous GABA and 5-HT in the supraependymal layer, after inhibition of their respective catabolisms. The majority of the supraependymal fibers are reactive to GABA and 5-HT antisera which indicates that they could contain both GABA and 5-HT. Furthermore it is possible to show that endogenous 5-HT containing fibers are able to accumulate [3H]GABA and conversely. These data point to a functional role for both neurotransmitters in these nerve elements. On the other hand, GABA and 5-HT contents may be connected since p-chlorophenylalanine treatment which inhibits 5-HT synthesis increased [3H]GABA labelling of these plexuses. Finally, several supraependymal fibers are also able to take up [3H]glutamate (but not [3H]glutamine); this compound might be accumulated as GABA precursor and/or as neurotransmitter.[1]


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