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Occupational skin disease in Singapore: epidemiology & causative agents.

Of 557 patients with occupational dermatoses seen at the Middle Road Hospital, Singapore, 55.7% (310) were irritant contact dermatitis, 38.6% (215) were allergic contact dermatitis and 5.7% (32) were non contact dermatitis. More than half of the patients were below 30 years old and most were from the construction (29.5%), metal/engineering (20.6%), electrical/electronic (16.4%), transport (5.5%) and food catering (3.8%) industries. Common occupational irritants included coolants, oils, cement, solvents, detergents and soldering flux. Chromates in cement was the most common occupational allergen. Other occupational allergens included rubber chemicals from rubber apparels. Thiurammix followed by carba-mix, and PPD-mix were common rubber allergens. Resins including epoxy, acrylate and paratertiary butyl phenol resins and other metals (nickel and cobalt) were less common occupational allergens. 5 workers had contact urticaria to proteinaceous food. Non dermatitic occupational dermatoses included fibreglass dermatoses, miliaria and oil folliculitis.[1]


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