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Isolation of a cDNA clone corresponding to an X-linked gene family (XLR) closely linked to the murine immunodeficiency disorder xid.

The striking number of human and murine immunodeficiency disorders which map to the X chromosome suggests that genes localized on this chromosome must have important roles in lymphocyte development. At least seven distinct disorders in the human and two in the mouse disrupt lymphocyte maturation, particularly that of B cells, at characteristic stages. As functional genes mapping to the X chromosome in one mammal are found on the X chromosome in all other mammals, the same genes regulating lymphocyte development are expected to be found on the X chromosome in mouse and man. Investigations into the possible mechanisms of these X-linked disorders have been hampered by the lack of molecular probes for the genes or gene products affected; because of this, and the possibility of correlating one or more of the several hundred B- or T-cell-specific genes with a specific mutation, we surveyed 15 different B- and T-cell-specific cDNA clones for localization to the X chromosome. We report here the characterization of one of these murine cDNA clones, which hybridizes with a large, X-linked gene family, designated XLR (X-linked, lymphocyte-regulated). We show that the XLR gene family is closely linked to the X-linked immunodeficiency described in the CBA/N mouse strain (xid), by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of DNA from mice congeneic for xid. This finding, together with data on the expression of the XLR locus in B cells, indicates that this gene family either includes the locus defined by the xid mutation or is adjacent to it in a gene complex which may be important in lymphocyte differentiation.[1]


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