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Nucleotide sequence of the yeast ILV2 gene which encodes acetolactate synthase.

We have determined the nucleotide sequence of the yeast ILV2 gene which codes for the amino acid biosynthetic enzyme acetolactate synthase ( ALS). ALS has recently been shown to be the target in bacteria, yeast and plants, of the potent new herbicide sulfometuron methyl. The coding sequence for the ILV2 polypeptide contains 2061 base pairs. Comparison of deduced amino acid sequences indicates considerable conservation between the yeast protein and the large subunits of the E. coli ALS II and ALS III isozymes. A major distinction between the three proteins is the presence of an additional 90 amino acids at the amino terminal of the yeast protein. The amino acid sequence in this region shows similarities to yeast mitochondrial transit sequences and may function as such, since yeast ALS is localized in the mitochondria. Consensus sequences for initiation and termination of transcription that are consistent with the ends of the ILV2 mRNA, as well as general amino acid control regulatory sequences have been identified.[1]


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