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Structure of the 3' portion of the bovine elastin gene.

A bovine genomic library constructed by partial Sau3A digestion and contained in lambda Charon 30 was screened by in situ hybridization with a 1.3-kilobase (kb) sheep elastin cDNA clone [Yoon, K., May, M., Goldstein, N., Indik, Z., Oliver, L., Boyd, C., & Rosenbloom, J. (1984) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 118, 261-269]. Three clones encompassing 10 kb of the bovine elastin gene were identified and characterized by restriction mapping and DNA sequencing of the 6.2 kb of the most 3' region of the gene. These analyses have permitted localization of eight exons in the 6.2 kb in which the translated exons vary in size from 27 to 69 base pairs, and there is an approximately 1-kb untranslated region at the 3' end. In addition to identification of sequences homologous to those found in porcine tropoelastin, the analyses defined a 58 amino acid sequence that forms the carboxy-terminal region of tropoelastin, and this sequence, which contains two cysteine residues, was previously not observed in the protein sequence data. The analyses also suggest that functionally distinct cross-link and hydrophobic domains of the protein are encoded in separate exons.[1]


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