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Characterization of the bovine prothrombin gene.

The bovine prothrombin gene was characterized by Southern blot analysis of bovine genomic DNA using bovine prothrombin cDNA fragments as hybridization probes. These analyses suggested that the bovine genome contains a single prothrombin gene that is at least 10 kilobase pairs (kbp) in size. To characterize the gene more thoroughly, two bovine genomic phage libraries were screened by using prothrombin cDNAs as hybridization probes. Heteroduplex analysis of the cloned genomic DNA and cDNA showed that the prothrombin gene is 14.9 kbp in size and contains at least 14 exons interrupted by 13 introns. The exons vary in size from 28 to 317 base pairs (bp), while the introns vary in size from less than 100 to 6940 bp. Regions of self-complementarity were observed within some of the introns, suggesting the presence of inverted repeat sequences. The bovine prothrombin gene shows similarities in structure to both the human prothrombin gene and the human factor IX gene.[1]


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