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Amines as inhibitors of iron transport in rabbit reticulocytes.

The effect of the known inhibitors of iron uptake, n-butylamine and NH4Cl, was examined at the molecular level to more precisely define the mechanisms by which these lysosomotropic agents block iron uptake by rabbit reticulocytes. Utilizing a rapid pulse-chase technique to follow the handling of a cohort of 59Fe, 125I-transferrin bound to rabbit reticulocytes, both amines were observed to have no effect on the cell-mediated release of 59Fe from internalized transferrin. The results indicated, however, that both agents acted to 1) retard the internalization of transferrin bound to transferrin receptors on the plasma membrane of reticulocytes, 2) retard the externalization of internalized transferrin, and 3) block the transport into the cytosol of iron released from transferrin.[1]


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