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Prevention of rhinovirus and poliovirus uncoating by WIN 51711, a new antiviral drug.

WIN 51711, a potent new antipicornavirus drug, has been shown to inhibit an early event in the replication cycle of human poliovirus type 2 and human rhinovirus type 2. WIN 51711 was not virucidal and had no measurable effect on the adsorption of [3H]uridine-labeled virions to cells. When virion penetration of the plasma membrane was determined through loss of sensitivity to neutralizing antisera, WIN 51711 had no effect on poliovirus penetration, but inhibited rhinovirus penetration by 40%. In the presence of WIN 51711, exposure of neutral red-encapsidated virus-infected cells to light at 3 h postinfection resulted in a 3-log reduction in the number of infectious centers, indicating that WIN 51711 maintained the viral RNA in the encapsidated state after penetrating the cell membrane. The inhibition of uncoating by WIN 51711 in the neutral red assay was found to be concentration dependent, with a concentration of 0.03 micrograms/ml resulting in a 90% inhibition of uncoating. Sucrose gradient sedimentation of lysates from whole cells infected with [3H]uridine-labeled poliovirus showed that poliovirions remained intact in the presence of WIN 51711, but were uncoated in the absence of drug. WIN 51711 also prevented thermal inactivation of poliovirus infectivity, indicating a direct stabilizing effect of this compound on virion capsid conformation.[1]


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