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A cellular DNA-binding protein that activates eukaryotic transcription and DNA replication.

Transcription factor CTF, which is responsible for selective recognition of eukaryotic promoters that contain the sequence CCAAT, was purified to apparent homogeneity by sequence-specific DNA affinity chromatography. Binding sites for CTF in the human Ha-ras and alpha-globin promoters were highly homologous to sequences recognized by nuclear factor I (NF-I), a cellular DNA-binding protein that is required for the initiation of adenovirus DNA replication in vitro. To determine the relationship between CTF and NF-I, we compared the biochemical properties of these two proteins. CTF and NF-I were found to be indistinguishable in polypeptide composition, DNA-binding properties, immunological cross-reactivity, and in vitro stimulation of DNA replication and transcription initiation. We conclude that CTF/NF-I can serve both as a transcription selectivity factor for RNA polymerase II and as an initiation factor for adenovirus DNA replication.[1]


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