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Rat carbamyl-phosphate synthetase I gene. Promoter sequence and tissue-specific transcriptional regulation in vitro.

The region flanking the 5'-end of the rat gene encoding the cytoplasmic precursor of carbamyl-phosphate synthetase I, a mitochondrial matrix enzyme, has been cloned and partially characterized. S1 nuclease and primer extension analyses position the starts of transcription 138-140 nucleotides upstream of the translation initiation codon. Exon 1 contains this untranslated sequence and extends downstream to include the coding region for the pre-enzyme signal peptide (38 amino acids) plus 4 amino acids from the amino terminus of the mature protein. The 5'-flanking sequence contains typical promoter elements, including putative TATA and CAAT motifs at -21 and -82 nucleotides, respectively. In addition, several copies of consensus sequences corresponding to the H4TF-1 recognition element, GATTTC, together with the enhancer-like octamer, ATTTGCAT, are also present. Carbamyl-phosphate synthetase I is a cell-type specific enzyme, being expressed only in hepatocytes and epithelial cells of the intestinal mucosa. It is also synthesized at relatively high levels in the hepatoma cell line, Hep G2. Employing pCPS2.1, a minigene containing the promoter and part of exon 1, we show that nuclear extracts from Hep G2 support accurate carbamyl-phosphate synthetase I gene transcription in vitro. No such activity was observed, however, in extracts from HeLa, a cell line which does not express carbamyl-phosphate synthetase I.[1]


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