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Chloroplast rpoA, rpoB, and rpoC genes specify at least three components of a chloroplast DNA-dependent RNA polymerase active in tRNA and mRNA transcription.

The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between putative chloroplast RNA polymerase subunit genes and known chloroplast transcriptional activities. We have prepared fusion polypeptide genes from fragments of chloroplast DNA homologous to bacterial RNA polymerase subunit genes and expression vectors carrying portions of the anthranilate synthetase gene (trpE). Fusion proteins for chloroplast homologs of the RNA polymerase alpha ( rpoA), beta (rpoB), and beta' ( rpoC) subunits were obtained from these genes. The fusion polypeptides synthesized by Escherichia coli in vivo were purified and used as antigens for production of rabbit polyclonal anti-RNA polymerase subunit-specific antibodies. The purified antibodies were able to immobilize chloroplast DNA-dependent RNA polymerases from spinach, pea, and Euglena gracilis. In addition, the soluble chloroplast RNA polymerase activity in tRNA and mRNA synthesis was strongly inhibited by these antibodies under conditions which had little effect on transcription by the chloroplast transcriptionally active chromosome that preferentially transcribed rRNA genes (Greenberg, B. M., Narita, J. O., DeLuca-Flaherty, C., Gruissem, W., Rushlow, K. A., and Hallick, R. B. (1984) J. Biol. Chem. 259: 14880-14887). From these data we conclude that the chloroplast genes homologous to bacterial RNA polymerase subunit genes are expressed in vivo and that the protein products specify at least three of the components of the chloroplast RNA polymerase(s) involved in tRNA and mRNA transcription.[1]


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